Spa instructions


AQUA-CATALYST is a revolutionary Bio-Organic Catalyst advanced technology for hot tubs, soft tubs and swim spas. Two cap full weekly will provide clean, clear and safer water naturally. eliminating the need for most chemicals reducing maintenance and saving you money, offering a healthier and safer spa experience. Visit us at 

AQUA-CATALYST is Non-toxic, non-caustic, non-corrosive, non-irritating, hypoallergenic, bacteria-free & biodegradable.

Aqua-Catalyst 8 oz commercial


Hot tubs, soft tubs, two cap full weekly for spas 1500 to 3000 liters, (396 to 792 US gallons).

Dosage can vary depending on usage and may be increased or decreased based upon contaminant load factors.

For best results add AQUA-CATALYST in front of the filter inlet with the circulation system on. AQUA-CATALYST is a highly concentrated  bio-organic catalyst advanced technology specially formulated for hot tubs and is a completely safe alternative to traditional chemical hot tub water care.

AQUA-CATALYST IS NOT A TRADITIONAL SLIMICIDE. AQUA-CATALYST solubilizes bio-film and is a bio-degrader of organic contaminants (clarifier) and minerals (scale elimination). AQUA-CATALYST  does not kill bacteria it provides an environment that is more difficult for bacteria to thrive in by maintaining a super clean system throughout the entire spa. AQUA-CATALYST deals with the root cause of spa water problems eliminating the symptoms, not masking them. 

AQUA-CATALYST is 100% safe and isn’t toxic like many spa chemicals.

The many benefits of aqua-catalyst Spa Treatment include,

  1. Eliminates the need for most chemicals, increases safety and saves you money.

  2. Will simplify and reduce hot tub maintenance.

  3. Oil, scum, scale, bio-film (slime) eliminator for spa water, spa surfaces and through the plumbing system.

  4. Controls Bio-Film (slime) on covers with use in your spa.

  5. Helps stabilize PH / alkalinity.

  6. Breaks down bio-film in water pipes, filters and tub surfaces.

  7. Keeps your tub squeaky clean.(wood, acrylic & vinyl)

  8. Degrades scale build up through entire system.

  9. Complimentary to UV-C, Ozone, salt water, compatible with all sanitizing products and systems.

  10. Natural water softener making your tub water feel great.

  11. Safe for all spa equipment and materials, pumps, hoses, pipes, spa surfaces, nozzles, and covers.

  12. Will prevent buildup of slime (bio-film) and scale in nozzles, (preventing blowouts).

  13. Compatible with all spa products.

  14. Will maintain fresh smelling water longer.

  15. 100% safe Protecting you, your spa, and our environment.


1.When AQUA-CATALYST is first added to your spa depending on contamination level present, cloudy water may appear but will clear soon, contaminants are being flushed out and biologically degraded. 

2. Monitor sanitizer levels and adjust accordingly.

3. AQUA-CATALYST creates heavy micro-bubbles throughout spa water.

4. The need for most standard spa chemicals is eliminated.                                   

5. If spa is highly contaminated add AQUA-CATALYST, run all jets, maintain high sanitizer residual until water is clear, this will clean out the system.

6. AQUA-CATALYST is the perfect product to reduce chemical usage for people with sensitivity to chemicals.


AQUA-CATALYST water treatment / cleaner, softens and conditions spa water, helps stabilize pH and alkalinity, removes oils, scale & bio-film (slime). AQUA-CATALYST can eliminate the use of many chemicals like Pipe Cleaners, PH Balancers, Clarifiers, Boosters, Cleaners, Algaecides, Spa shock, Stain & Scale remover, Plumbing flush, Degreasers, Water Softeners and Enzyme products. Many products used in spas have a toxic level and are not safe for long term exposure.

AQUA-CATALYST will make your spa experience much healthier and safer. AQUA-CATALYST will maintain fresh water longer allowing you to drain your spa water less often and with no adverse environmental effects due to the elimination of regular spa chemicals.

AQUA-CATALYST speeds the catalytic breakdown of organic contaminants. This also deprives bacteria of their primary food source which inhibits their growth. Allows sanitizers to be more effective, reducing the amount used. Discourages algae growth and simultaneously improves water quality and clarity.